July 25, 2007

Hate Mail

So I got my first hate mail/comment today, regarding the original parking ticket post. The post was featured on NOTCOT, so I assume the person found his/her way to my blog from that. It's interesting enough to me that I decided to share it with everyone. Also, if you haven't seen the other version of the parking citation, check it out.

The comment is left by an anonymous reader, and says:

And you call the lady in the van selfish.

Sounds pretty immature to me. In a time where so many people get followed, attacked, beaten, and even killed, one would think such a smart young lady would make better decisions.

Surely there are better ways to intertain yourself without belittling others.

Your actions define who you are.
Character counts.
Someday - you will cry because some selfish person hurts your feelings.

How would you feel if your mother or grandmother got scared because some unknown person put a note on their window?


Well, Grandma Peggy, it looks like someone else also agreed with you (not that I didn't - in fact, your comment and thoughts will probably keep me from using the original fake tickets again).

My anonymous commenter is right, in the sense that this hate mail makes me uncomfortable. My fake ticket on the lady's van probably made her uncomfortable, too.

However, the interesting thing to me about this comment is that it is rather hypocritical. This anonymous person left a somewhat angry note on my blog, denouncing my action (an action which was, in fact, anonymously leaving an angry note on someone's car, denouncing her action). Thus, he/she does not really change my mind.

Grandma Peggy's comment actually did change my mind. She set the best example, by following these rules:

1) Always be kind
2) Voice your opinion if you feel strongly about something
3) If you do choose to voice your opinion, do so with kindness, dignity, and respect

Thanks for the wisdom and grace, G. Peggy!

Oh yes, and one more important lesson:
4) Park legally - don't take a handicapped spot from someone who actually needs it and don't block peoples' driveways, etc.


Blessed said...

Well, it goes on....
Think your steps on how to express an opinion are right on!

Now, I must be VERY careful to remember them.

the scholar said...

hi sarah erin,

first of all, i just want to tell you that i think your blog is great and that i enjoy reading it!

now, as far as that comment goes about the fake parking tickets: you can and should be kind to people, but that doesn't mean you can't have a sense of humor.

for every person who thought those tickets were insulting, there are probably two who think they're a riot.

i say keep up the good work.

Sarah Erin said...

Thanks Scholar!

Rule #5
If you have a strong opinion that's positive, don't forget to share that too!