July 23, 2007

Go Green Hens

So I was a little disturbed when I got back to my room today and noticed that my lamp had been completely replaced while I was gone (I live in apartment-style dorms this summer, and it comes furnished, including a lamp). I don't like having strangers in my room with no warning while I'm not there.

But then I noticed that they'd also put a new halogen light bulb in it. Could the University of Delaware be going green? Yay! Not only is it good for the earth, but it would save the ol' Blue Hens so much money!

They can come back any time to make my room more green, but next time, I wish they'd give me some warning or leave a note.

Yay green hens : )

[photo thanks to the IKEA website]

1 comment:

Blessed said...

So glad the Blue Hens are going green.

I am really very negligent about conservation. Well, maybe with the encouragement of the younger generation, an old dog really can learn new tricks. I have several of those bulbs, and will resolve to replace burnt out ones with them from now on.