July 7, 2007

Caprese Salad & Free Berries

Tomatoes from the produce stand on 896, leftover basil from the amazing puttanesca Scott made for me last week, and fresh mozzarella from Superfresh across the street. Kiersten, you're right. We're eating pretty well. You should be thankful Scott's your future roomie.

To top it off, on the way back from our Friday float down White Clay Creek with Anne (my summer roomie) & Mark, Mark noticed some raspberry & blackberry bushes along the side of the road. We picked a LOT.

Think they look tasty? They're even better because they were free! We are totally going back on Sunday. I kind of feel like I just stole $30. Muwahahah.

Is it illegal to pick berries in a state park?


Robyn said...

If it's illegal, I'm goin' down with you.
; )

diverted said...

Your blog entry today contains true works of art - by God (berries), Scott (puttanesca) and Sarah (the photos). Sarah, there is probably a warrant out for your arrest.

Courtney said...

if my ex berry boss irma goodrich saw your berries in a container of water she would have a heart attack and die then give you a long lecture about how if you spray bug spray on yourself you shouldn't be afraid to eat pesticides... washing them makes them rot faster i guess... haha

Hillary said...

oh man, i love me a caprese salad AND berries of all kinds. you sure know how to tease the taste buds! were the tomatoes you used beefsteak or regular?

Anonymous said...

as a employee of the produce stand on 896, your welcome.