July 29, 2007

Brothers Might Kill Me for This

Trent, Justin, Me & Chris

So I was going through my photo files this morning, in search of more esses, and I found this folder that needs to be put to better use. 2005 Summer Family Reunion Photoshoot in Dad's studio with Grandma Peggy's collection of Great Grandmother Gladys' hats (and some others). I hope my brothers still talk to me after this one.

^ Chris
^ G. Peggy & Me


Anonymous said...

Is that Robin Williams in the second photo??? Cute!

Sarah Erin said...

Robin Williams... or my brother, Chris. Although you were probably kidding!

Who left the comment?

Anonymous said...

I laughed and laughed at those pix!!!

I'm worried because I thought Justin looked perfectly normal! : )

I forgot about that picture of Chris! What a riot!

Thanks for making my morning so enjoyable...I'm still smiling.


Blessed said...

The blast from the past was a surprise!

What fun we had that day! I remember laughing until my sides hurt.
What good sports those brothers of yours were. Hope they still are :)!