June 15, 2007

Where I've Been

So I'm not really into these Facebook Applications, but Scott came across this one that I like a lot. You can color-code where you've been, lived & want to go. Funnnn. Thanks Scott : )

Blue is where I've been, red is where I've lived, green is where I'd most like to go:

Click the map if you want to see a larger image.

Looks like I'm a lucky girl (thanks to Mom, Mark, Dad & Peggy), but I also still have a lot of work cut out for me!

So who wants to go where with me?


Scott said...

I'll go to any of those.

But I have to say Antartica isn't too high on my list. It's chilly down there.

Diverted said...

If driving through a state counts as "having been there", then you can add Alabama and Mississippi. You passed through on your way to New Orleans and Florida.

I'll travel anywhere with you. It's hard to believe you have never been to California. I'll go there...

Sarah Erin said...

Yeah, Scott, I'm not sure just how badly I want to go to Antarctica. But if someone said, "Hey, wanna go to Antarctica? I'll pay for your trip and your gear!" I would go. For sure.

And Dad, I tried not to count any place I haven't actually "visited." I'd get to cross off about 5 more if driving through counted.

As for California, I've been to LAX, on the way to Japan. And I think we stopped there on the way to Hawaii. But never enough to count. And that's silly, because I have family and friends in multiple places in California.

Let's go!