June 19, 2007

Scott's [professor is] Famous!

...For his work with chicken feathers & soybeans. Check out the article about SCIENCE in the New York Times! They're making the world a better place : ) Scott's researching more soybean/adhesive stuff with Professor Wool this summer at UD. Smarty-pants.

Also, check out Robyn's new blog. Everybody's got blog fever. Stay tuned for her five months in Sierra Leone!

My friends are changing the world ...perhaps not with their blogs, but with their research and massive amounts of passion. And I love them for it.


Scott said...

hahaha nice title.

I might get blog fever.

Robyn said...

ha! i just saw his away message, read the article, & blogged about it instantly.
after posting, i wondered if you had updated, so i checked. lo & behold, you talked about scott, too! lovely.
: )

Anonymous said...

not quite the same, but i read in Time that Delaware professors invented Apple's touch screen for the iphone... who'd have thought little Delaware could be so interesting??

Sarah Erin said...

Scott, you should totally start a blog. Especially since you used to tease Bill about it so much.

Robyn, great minds think alike. I think our blogs are working out to complement each other nicely : )

Court, coooool! Did they say which professors? You'd think UD would make a bigger deal out of it if that's true. Cute, little Delaware. What state is it in again? I forget.