June 17, 2007

Robyn & Rice Puddin'

Robyn and I decided that we are going to have a New York City Saturday sometime soon. This time, I'm planning out where I want to eat, because every time I go, it's last minute, and I end up eating some random place. There's nothing wrong with that, because I learn about new stuff too. But I always read these amazing articles about new restaurants in NYC, and it's time to try a couple. Yessss. Who wants to join us?

Here's the first possible restaurant on the list:

A few of my VC buddies ate there on a New York trip, and said it was deeeelish.

Random note: As of now, my only favorite NYC restaurant is Peep (I assure you it isn't a porn site or a strip club, although they try to make you think that with the music on there haha). Reasonable prices, great food, and a cheap happy hour. Yummmmy.

Have any recommendations or places you've been wanting to try?


Peter said...

my personal favorite - Cafe Un-Deux-Trois, 123 W. 44th Street. A bit far uptown for you?

PS why do all your friends (Haley, Robyn) have their heads upside down?

Bill said...

I'm in as long as I don't have to eat at the Amsterdam Deli in Harlem again. Its the crack headquarters of Manhattan. Creepy.

Sarah Erin said...

Thanks, Peter! Not too uptown for me, in fact, I can never find restaurants uptown and closer to the museums. I take it that's french cuisine? And expensive? Have any favorite items on the menu?

And Bill, I don't think crack headquarters are going to be high on the list of places to try, so you can come : )

Sarah Erin said...

PS In response to the PS, that's an interesting observation, and I happened to take both of those photos. It's because my friends are just crazy and I was trying to capture that. But really, I think when I do portraits I always do a couple upside-down ones because you always get a good expression. People relax or something. But the problem is that they're harder to recognize, so who knows. Whacky.

Sarah Erin said...

Cafe Un-Deux-Trois: