June 26, 2007

Life Goals

Check this off my list of things to learn to do in life: making that glorious "thop" sound by strumming your finger on the inside of your cheek. Thank you , Scott, for demonstrating & teaching me.

I was as happy as a toddler learning to blow raspberries. If you hear some thopping, it's probably me. I'm sorry you can't hear it, but I promise you I made the sound when I took these pictures:

Tell me something you've always wanted to learn how to do! I want to know! Have any cool skills you want to teach me? If anyone can tell me the trick to whistling, I'll be forever in debt to you. As of now, I can only whistle by sucking air in. It's really sad.


Courtney said...

can you do it with your finger on the outside of your cheek?? try it!

Peter said...

I can still remember the day when as kid I learned to do that. I learned at the same time another one, hard to describe. Purse your lips, suck in, open very suddenly against the sucking-in pressure - makes a little bang, like popping a small paper bag. You do know how to pop a paper bag, I take it? Trouble is that if you did that in public these days you'd be arrested as a terrorist.

Sarah Erin said...

Courtney, cool!! Thanks for the tip! I'm such a noisemaker today.

Peter, I don't think I've ever popped a paper bag, to be honest. I'm eager to find myself a bag to pop, now. I've definitely seen other people do it, though. And I've popped ziploc bags.

Also, hopefully everybody knows how to blow that high-pitched squeeky sound from a blade of grass, right?

Bill said...

I don't.

Diverted said...

you are strange.

Christopher said...

I can only whistle in one pitch, so I can't really whistle along to songs on the radio. Try making slight adjustments with your cheeks and tounge and hopefully you'll get it.