June 23, 2007

Kites, Orchestra & Cheesesteaks

Yesterday made me so happy. I did kid-things and grown-up things and high-class things and low-class things.

I got ready for work, walked down to the green to meet Scott for lunch on the green, then decided it was too beautiful of a day to go work when I didn't really have to (I choose my own hours and the boss is out of town this week). I won't have that option soon enough, so I'm taking full advantage of it now. And it's so worth it.

So I visited some friends at DelaWorld, then Scott and I walked to the grocery store and bought ice cream cones and kites. We flew the kites all the way back from the grocery store, and got some really fantastic looks from strangers.

Then we hopped in the car and drove to Philly to see the Orchestra play Tchaikovsky. We got student tickets for $8. They seat you in whatever seats are open, and if people come late, you have to get out of their seats and the usher seats you somewhere else. Scott and I sat front row, 8th row, and in the most expensive seats in the house. Three different views! Perfect!

And I don't know much about orchestras, but I know that I loved it and I love Tchaikovsky. It's amazing how much of that music is so very recognizable.

And! Clover (new friend researching at UD this summer) took up some random guy on his offer for a free seat, because his wife couldn't make it. Turns out, he was the architect who designed the Kimmel Center (the building we were in)! He bought her champagne at intermission and told her she could stay in his villa in Madrid if she was ever there. Gave her his card and everything. And we know he wasn't lying because the guy running for mayor of Philadelphia came up and introduced himself and congratulated him on the beautiful building. Cooool.

After the orchestra, we walked a couple blocks to South Street and had Cheesesteaks at Jim's. I've now eaten at a total of 4 places for cheesesteaks in Philly, and let me tell you: Jim's is by far superior.

Doesn't it look gross and wonderful? [photos from google images]

Ice cream, kite-flying, Philadelphia Orchestra, and cheesesteaks. I'd say it was worth playing hookie.


Robyn said...

what an awesome day i missed! i should have known... and DAMN does clover have some mad man skills. i love love love philly.
glad you had so much fun!
see you tomorrow, love!

My name's Haley said...

Clover Cambell?

My name's Haley said...

and by the way I love upside down portraits by sarah.

Sarah Erin said...

Different Clover, she goes to a different school. And thanks :)