June 9, 2007


A fresh blog for a new part of life. I'm excited.
And a little confused, lost, and nervous and scared.
But mostly excited.

So I graduated:

Marielle, Kelly, Becca & I, wearing our study abroad sashes, waving to Dad & Peggy in the stands. It was a great weekend and I'm so glad most of the fam could come :) Thank you thank you again, and thanks for all of the lovely cards from relatives! My apologies for not sending out an announcement - I was so busy designing my show that the last thing I had time for was designing an announcement. Perhaps a belated one will come if I ever find a real job.

More pictures here (thanks to dad!).

And what am I doing now? I have a temporary job for the summer, designing for University of Delaware Admissions. Specifically, I'm brainstorming, developing content for, and recreating the video/powerpoint presentation that University Admissions shows prospective students before they tour our campus. That's June.

In July and August, I'll be working on various design jobs for Admissions, UD/ART, and the University Honors Program, all while (hopefully) finding a design job in the Philly/Baltimore/DC area. St. Louis is still on the list of places to look, too. Oh yes, and I'm trying to tweak my portfolio & self-promotional materials until I'm happy with them, too.

Also, Admissions has gracefully offered me free housing for the summer, as part of my pay. If you need my address, please email me at Sarah.Erin.Rosenthal[at]gmail.com.

I plan to have some fun, too. I hope!

On another note, one of my goals after graduating is stay better in touch with the people I care about. It's too easy for me to get absorbed in whatever I'm doing and forget to catch up with all of you!

One of the ways I'll try to stay in touch is to keep this blog. I want to use it to journal, brainstorm, house ideas, document my creative process, and of course, to keep in touch with YOU.

Read if you wish, and pretty please leave a comment! I promise to respond! Especially if you leave your email on there.


Sarah Erin said...

PS The old sarerinthal blog is now at http://www.sarerinthal-old.blogspot.com/

Sarah Erin said...

more pictures from Noelle, also a VC c/o '07:

Sue said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG that admissions video is SO old! It says things like there are 2 acapella groups and like 5 comedy improv groups, as well as blatantly having stuff that either doesn't exist anymore or looks totally different :oP Yay! The techies at Mitchell (of which I was one of at those bright and early Saturday morning admission sessions) will forever be thankful to you!!!!

Sarah Erin said...

Haha, that's what everyone says.

"You're remaking the VC presentation Video? THANK YOU!!"

The current one is quite old.