June 11, 2007

Fish Fan

One of my favorite people who I don't actually know made my day today. Peter Caws bought my Fish & Carrots photo three years ago:

We hadn't talked since he purchased the photo, but we had a somewhat random encounter at my senior sendoff dance, then I invited him to my senior art show (which he so kindly showed up to, and I barely had a chance to say hello!), and today he sent me this:

Along with this email:
An impulse, trying out my new Leica - technically and aesthetically way inferior to the original (which I'd still like to have signed)(You're not a vegetarian, I hope ...)

Peter Caws
University Professor of Philosophy
The George Washington University

Thanks, Peter!
And nope, definitely not a vegetarian.

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My name's Haley said...

this is pretty much perfect.