June 19, 2007

Chicken Piccata

Summer's here, so there's a little more time for cooking. So I got out the cookbook mom made me when I graduated from high school. Yum! Thank you mom!

Scott and I have been cookin together since he's in a dorm with no kitchen. And because we kind of like each other.
We don't have much chef experience (except for chopping up veggies as sous-chefs for our moms), but we are getting better and expanding our recipe-making horizons every day!

I'm not hardly sure you can call what I have a kitchen. The sink is less than 1 cubic foot, I think. But we're making it work. Think: ship kitchen. Airplane kitchen. Then divide by two.

Last night was Chicken Piccata, with a refreshing strawberry-lime blended drink, and a caesar salad with homemade crutons (made from the stale leftover heel pieces from our bread, just like mom taught me):

The only flaw? We forgot the parsley.

Anybody have good recipes to use that fresh parsley?


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looking for a job as a personal chef? that looks gooooooooood.