June 25, 2007

Bing Bing

Bing cherries, that is. They are delicious and in season! We bought a bag of them the other day and came across a peculiar cherry:
A conjoined cherry? I've only seen one of these things before, in 22 years. But today, upon closer inspection, we discovered that this crazy cherry wasn't the only one in the bunch.
There were a total of SEVEN conjoined cherries. Or 14, depending on how you look at it. This picture is missing one of the pairs because I ate it. It tasted fine. Although I did notice the conjoined cherries started to go bad before the single cherries.

So then Anne (my roommate) asks, does each pair have two seeds?
Yes. Yes they do.
This is what it looks like if you split one open.

So has anyone else noticed this in their batches of cherries this season? Are they genetically engineered to be this way? Is this desirable? And if so, why?

I find it a little disturbing, yet fun. And funny-looking.

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Robyn said...

How interesting you should post this...
I have two cherry trees in my backyard that have been there my whole life. 2 or 3 summers ago, the littler tree decided it would start sprouting twins ALL OVER. My estimate is that about 70% of the little red guys that pop up are conjoined--each with one stem and 2 seeds. The funniest part is that sometimes one doesn't form at the same rate as its partner, or one shrivels first, so they're especially deformed.
I'm an equal opportunity cherry-eater, so I don't discriminate when it comes to my cherries; however, since I grew up with them, I don't buy them. Never had an experience with store-bought freak cherries...
I always thought the Mello yard was just weird. Thanks for proving me wrong.