June 22, 2007

$1 Per Meal

Today, one of my favorite websites, tastespotting.com, led me to this blog, Ceres Secrets. The author and her husband are taking the food stamp challenge: $3/day or $1/meal for 1 week.

She has been racking her brain to develop healthy meals, high in protein, that will keep her satiated throughout the day. Oh yes, and they are easy to make and, of course, very inexpensive.

Here's a picture of the week's worth of groceries:

She's also very sensitive to the fact that this isn't a game, and many people don't have to do this for just a week - but it's a way of life. She hopes that her recipes might find and help the people who really need them, as well as raise an awareness in those of us who are more fortunate.

I think I might try this. Also, I've always wanted to read Nickel & Dimed, but never have made it past the first chapter. Perhaps I'll do both at the same time. I'm going to pick a start-date and get back to you. I'm thinking of starting this Monday, the 25th.

I challenge you to try it, too. Does anyone want to do it at the same time?

It's also good timing because Robyn informed me (and everyone she knows!) that Wednesday was International Refugee Day. Check out her blog for more information on it - she's an excellent, passionate, and very interesting source on all of it. Annnd she's my friend.

We've had a few good talks (good as in good conversation, although difficult topics) recently about refugees and how difficult it is for many of them to make ends meet -money, language barriers, culture - everything makes it difficult. I stumbled across the PBS movie , "Rain in a Dry Land," the other day, and it really got me thinking. Interested? Tune into Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars on PBS/WHYY Tuesday, June 26th @ 10pm Eastern/9 Central - Robyn's going to Sierra Leone this September for five months.


My name's Haley said...

I love this! So interesting.

Robyn said...

i would love to try this $1/meal thing with you! really truly. what a learning experience.
i have nickel & dimed sitting around somewhere if you need a copy, but i gether from the post that you have one. i read it last summer while i was working for minumum wage.
also, thanks for shouting out for me in your blog. i 'preciate it.

Loren said...

I think it is really cool that you are doing this too! I can not wait to check back, and see what you have come up with.

Wouldn't it be great if this snow balled and more bloggers/Tastespotters worked together to help find healthy and realistic ways to stretch that $3 a day? I have no doubt it would be a huge help to the many who are searching for it...

Best Wishes!

Bill said...

I did this for 3 days in Camden, NJ when I was a junior in high school. We had a lot of PB&J, Ramen, and eggs. I can't imagine doing it for a week or actually having to live that life. Its sad that its a reality.

Sarah Erin said...

Glad everyone is interested! I won't be starting this Monday after all because we had too much food that would go bad if we didn't eat it right away. What might be worse than only spending $3/day per person? Wasting already-paid-for produce.I'd still like to try to do this, but it's going to take more planning than I realized. Plus I am going to have to convince Scott, my grocery-buying partner.

Also, my original plan was to just use Loren's grocery list & plan. But perhaps I should come up with my own week's worth of recipes. I don't even know where to begin...

I could see an awesome little cookbook / brochure (inexpensive!) develop out of this project. Now THAT would be a fun design project with a wonderful cause.